Huge cash injection for China state media

Large Western media organisations could do nothing but shake their heads this week as reports came out of China that $US7 billion dollars was to flow into state media. While newspapers, television, radio, and even internet properties in the Western world were being gutted by their parent organisations, China spoke of expanding its reach in … Continue reading “Huge cash injection for China state media”

Cambodia’s top cop dies in chopper crash

Cambodians celebrating their national day on Sunday woke to the news Monday that their most senior police chief, along with a 4-star army general, had died in a helicopter crash. Chief of Police Hok Lundy had held the position for 14 years, and was a trusted offsider to Prime Minister Hun Sen. Last year, the … Continue reading “Cambodia’s top cop dies in chopper crash”

Maori, Polynesian tattoos back in fashion

The distinctive tattoo and carving techniques on the bodies and faces of the Maori and Polynesian peoples is said to be surging in popularity after decades of being driven out of sight. Known as “ta moko” by the Maori, “pe’a” and “malu” by Samoans, its traditional statements tell of family ties, history and status. Renown … Continue reading “Maori, Polynesian tattoos back in fashion”

Multicultural face of Aust fashion

Australian-born Macedonians and Croatians are the big names at this year’s Melbourne Fashion Week. The annual event showcases many of the country’s best designers and labels and is a prelude to the northern hemisphere Spring Summer Collections that begin next week in New York. Adam Connors spent some time alongside the catwalk. :: Want to … Continue reading “Multicultural face of Aust fashion”

Israel’s Peres seeks support in Washington

Israel could be withdrawing from Lebanon within weeks. Speaking in Washington, Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres says the pull out will occur once the Lebanese army and an international peacekeeping force are deployed near the border with Israel. Our Washington correspondent Mike Kellerman says Mr Peres’ visit coincides with a report in the New … Continue reading “Israel’s Peres seeks support in Washington”

Ash, Tuesday October 1, 1996

Metropolis Concert Club, Fremantle You could say that the Australian tour for Ash started at Monday’s ARIA awards. This Irish teenage supergroup were there, presenting an award on a night littered with examples of Australia’s own youth-orientated heroes You Am I and Regurgitator reclaiming contemporary ground. Just as Ash did when they dethroned Alanis Morissette … Continue reading “Ash, Tuesday October 1, 1996”

Flashing Tablet; Bluetile Lounge; Tucker Bs; Adam Said Galore; Apartment 99; Panelbeater, MX and Grosvenor Front Room, August 3, 1996

words – 610 (though with 6 bands! please?) For the first time, by my memory anyway, the thoroughfare between the Grosvenor’s front and back rooms was finally opened to the trampling of the ordinary punter through the Grosvenor’s pool room. When both rooms are open, as in an impromptu mega-gig like Saturday’s, this little corner … Continue reading “Flashing Tablet; Bluetile Lounge; Tucker Bs; Adam Said Galore; Apartment 99; Panelbeater, MX and Grosvenor Front Room, August 3, 1996”

Botticelli’s Angel; Mutt; Flashing Tablet, MX, May 4, 1996

Perth’s sonically-disjointed, indie-rock outfit Flashing Tablet would probably be the first to admit a slight genre clash in their place in this line-up … not that they disappointed. Here was a case of indie kids gone metal! With the Botts and Mutt crowd outnumbering wayward shoegazers and Tablet fans, I watched in awe as most … Continue reading “Botticelli’s Angel; Mutt; Flashing Tablet, MX, May 4, 1996”

interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie

“Whatever people say about our music, I would say that you can always hear a melody running through our songs, no matter how spastic the rhythm ideas may be!” I read this remark by Ash Bowie before confronting him myself. They seemed to be the words of someone clinging to hope, a faint hope that … Continue reading “interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie”