Dead Can Dance, Capturing the Spiritchaser

Interview with Lisa Gerrard I was dressed in pyjamas when I first confronted Dead Can Dance – the imagescape of 1993’s Baraka was flowing over me with The Host of Seraphim, from Dead Can Dance’s 1988 tome, The Serpent’s Egg, invading my soul. The theatre was full, but I think I had been standing throughout … Continue reading “Dead Can Dance, Capturing the Spiritchaser”

Not Enough Rope; Honey, Fly By Night, May 11, 1996

greetings! i’m just doing my abdominal crunches for the dead can dance i/v tonight. oh well, back to the “ab roller plus” … adm schwarzenegg aaarrgh. With one’s back firmly planted against one of the many heaters spread throughout the Fly By Night Club you can sometimes forget that you are within a sheet-metal aircraft … Continue reading “Not Enough Rope; Honey, Fly By Night, May 11, 1996”

Mental Notes: August 2002

TAIPEI–Three new-spankin’-new playlists from Peso. Note new Humbug single, For the Birds, available MP3-only from New song each week ’til album launch. Peso playlist Friday August 16, 2002 Mogwai – New Paths to Helicon Pt 1 Mogwai and David Pejo – Take Me Somewhere Nice Shino Lin – Track 7 [Req. Bad song on … Continue reading “Mental Notes: August 2002”