Herbie Hancock, Tuesday November 12, 1996

The Regal Theatre, Subiaco Ably assisted by the most astute Mr Rex Horan, Bmus., and Cinema Prague bassplayer virtuoso. It has long been the tradition of jazz artists to take popular tunes and adapt them into “standards”. Herbie Hancock’s latest album, The New Standard, has the prodigious pianist/composer lending his deft hand to numbers by … Continue reading “Herbie Hancock, Tuesday November 12, 1996”

Air Ensemble, PICA Bar, May 31, 1996

Yeah, KISS may be about to release yet another live album, but consider the confidence involved in Air Ensemble releasing a live album as a debut? And without all that makeup. On the fourth night of recording said debut, local shysters Air Ensemble beamed down from Federation Starship ‘Funk-a-prise’, resplendent in Trek bodysuits, to the … Continue reading “Air Ensemble, PICA Bar, May 31, 1996”

interview | 808 State – Interview with Darren Partington

In the world of 808 State, hip hop gave way to baggy, rave gave way to freestyle, and their namesake 808 drum machines now serve as dusty benches for their TR909s. Nine years on and with their new album Don Solaris again reflecting the state of dance and subtle indie crossover in 1996, may we … Continue reading “interview | 808 State – Interview with Darren Partington”