mix | FBI The Bridge April 28 2004

The Bridge, Sydney Album Show, on FBI 94.5FM, Sydney. Special guest, Tim from The Architects. 1. Rephrase ­ Cellfish 2. Inga Illejstrom – Glow 3. The Honey Palace ­ Sunburst Freak 4. Euphonic ­ Faceless 5. Entropic Remix ­ STHMCSHP 6. Howard ­ Jill 100 7. Wallspace ­ How¹s Your love life? 8. Tongues ­ … Continue reading “mix | FBI The Bridge April 28 2004”

mix | FBI Weekend Overhang January 4 2004 Part 1

On FBI 94.5FM, Sydney. 1. Roni Size r’mix Takemura – Brown Paper Bag 2. Jaylib – Raw Shit 3. Jay Chou – Ninja (Ren Zhi) 4. Soma Rasa – I Like It 5. Tim Rogers – Damn Songs 6. Teenage FAnclub – I Need Direction 7. Screamfeeder – Same Mistakes Again 8. Dappled Cities Fly … Continue reading “mix | FBI Weekend Overhang January 4 2004 Part 1”

Australian Ukrainians’ split Cup allegiances

Let’s now take a look at another of the countries experiencing their first World Cup, and the Australian community of fans who’ll be following their rise through the ranks. Ukraine became independent from the former Soviet Union in 1991 after more than 70 years of division between the USSR, Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. During this … Continue reading “Australian Ukrainians’ split Cup allegiances”

Mental Notes: May 2005

MELBOURNE–Traditional birthday hijinks flyer follows. Also, see some very, very nice pics from the pic galleries we are doing at work for the Queen’s Baton Relay. Am starting to get quite revved about getting some podcast action together, early forms of which I suppose are in the mix area of this site. Hoo ha.