interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie

“Whatever people say about our music, I would say that you can always hear a melody running through our songs, no matter how spastic the rhythm ideas may be!” I read this remark by Ash Bowie before confronting him myself. They seemed to be the words of someone clinging to hope, a faint hope that … Continue reading “interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie”

Mental Notes: August 2002

TAIPEI–Three new-spankin’-new playlists from Peso. Note new Humbug single, For the Birds, available MP3-only from New song each week ’til album launch. Peso playlist Friday August 16, 2002 Mogwai – New Paths to Helicon Pt 1 Mogwai and David Pejo – Take Me Somewhere Nice Shino Lin – Track 7 [Req. Bad song on … Continue reading “Mental Notes: August 2002”