Superchunk; Smudge, Planet, November 20, 1996

Sue, could you check Smudge’s bass player’s name? I think it’s Adam Yeo but I’m not too certain. Ta. There exists, in your community, a widely unacknowledged subculture which is as delicate as a vegan, as opinionated as an anarchist and as stoic as a gothic purist. They are fanzine writers, and as the rustle … Continue reading “Superchunk; Smudge, Planet, November 20, 1996”

interview | Sandpit (1997) – Interview with vocalist/guitarist Brendan Webb

Sandpit hail from the thriving Brunswick Street live circuit of Fitzroy, Victoria, but their coy little lilting tunes are usually the stuff found bouncing between the Merge label in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and New Zealand’s Flying Nun roster. Theirs is the sound of sweet discordance, born of bedrooms and really cheap guitars which go … Continue reading “interview | Sandpit (1997) – Interview with vocalist/guitarist Brendan Webb”

interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie

“Whatever people say about our music, I would say that you can always hear a melody running through our songs, no matter how spastic the rhythm ideas may be!” I read this remark by Ash Bowie before confronting him myself. They seemed to be the words of someone clinging to hope, a faint hope that … Continue reading “interview | Polvo (1996) – Interview with Ash Bowie”