Swervedriver; Ammonia, Planet, 6 December, 1995

It could have been described as ‘the march of the indie kids’, a packed Planet arena reverberating with the chatter of alternative music talk and the clatter of Converse sneekers. And Britian’s Swervedriver were soon to be the toast of the several generations of indie music fans squished against the rails, ears bleeding but bodies … Continue reading “Swervedriver; Ammonia, Planet, 6 December, 1995”

interview | Swervedriver (1995)

While the majority of the UK music scene is measuring each others’ hair length, IQ and ‘Beatleness’, some bands are actually getting down to business and writing great music. Once again it is led by Swervedriver, a band originally from Oxford but who now command one of their biggest audiences in America, the traditional graveyard … Continue reading “interview | Swervedriver (1995)”