Mental Notes: May 2003

HONG KONG–After finally working out a reliable way to get analogue cassette archives of radio interviews onto my machine, here they are streaming online, under the title Broadcast: The Eels’ E; The Posies‘ Ken Stringfellow; Weezer‘s Brian Bell; The 3Ds‘ Dave Saunders; Shonen Knife‘s Naoko Yamano; Butthole Surfers‘ King Coffey; Lush‘s Phillip King; Tripping Daisy‘s … Continue reading “Mental Notes: May 2003”

Japan proposes language tests for foreigners

Citing further anti-terrorism intiatives, Japan is set to consider requiring long-term foreign residents and workers to have local language ability. Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura made the statement Tuesday, with a senior Foreign Ministry official confirming to Radio Australia that the department should pursue the terms of the new requirement quickly. The comments have not been … Continue reading “Japan proposes language tests for foreigners”

Meanings behind PM’s Yasukuni Shrine visit

Every year on August 15, East Asia steels itself for the possibility that Japan’s head-of-state will visit the Yasukuni Shinto Shrine, and in doing so, commemorate Japan’s war dead. This particularly riles China and the Koreas, that saw millions die under Japanese aggression during World War 2, as the shrine is home to “the souls” … Continue reading “Meanings behind PM’s Yasukuni Shrine visit”