Mental Notes: February 2002

TAIWAN–The Taipei Times has got the jump on me: I wanted to see the Hello Kitty Ninja Show first! The bizarre touring show, from Japan’s Harmony Theater Group and certified by Sanrio, is being performed in Taipei until Feb. 10 then to Chungshan University in Kaohsiung until Feb. 15. Mental notes: see the show; and try and interview this (obviously) mad genius Saito Toyoji, the writer and director, who has Kitty and Krew battling a devil, inspired by 911. Curiouser… Kitty comes alive, Taipei Times, Feb. 8.

Mental Notes: January 2002

TAIWAN–While the Chu Mei-feng VCD saga has been rattling the bedposts of Taiwan’s citizens for well over a month now, the repercussions of the former Hsinchu City Cultural Affairs Bureau chief’s brazen – and by all accounts admirable – sexual performance in the 40-minute liaison, continues to do what centuries of foreign perversion has failed to accomplish – get the Chinese talking openly, and mostly vividly, about sex.

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