Beasts of Bourbon

Interview with Brian Hooper

There is a song called Fake on the new Beasts of Bourbon album, titled Gone, which has Tex Perkins screaming ‘don’t know myself, don’t own myself, I’m a fake’. The power, venom and dirge of the Beasts’ traditional blue-collar sound permeates Perkin’s personal attack on himself, Fake being a song which could well be his retaliation to anyone critical of this, the seventeenth year of the Beasts of Bourbon’s collective mindset.

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Underground Lovers – Ascending for Now

Having been on the receiving end of widespread dancefloor hugging and acclaim for each of their last few albums, Underground Lovers’ lead singer Vince Giarrusso tells ADAM CONNORS how they pulled out of the record company apparatus for their new album to keep their sound as pure as their swirling, sweeping sounds.

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The Spinanes’ Rebecca Gates

Warm, generous in mirth, ensconced in simple riffery … Rebecca Gates, the once fanzine editor, record store clerk and college radio gun from Portland, Oregon, is certainly ‘chuffed’ about the peculiar rise of her now-jetsetting outfit, The Spinanes.

“Chuffed? Yeah, chuffed is a great word for what has happened!”

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Dead Can Dance, Capturing the Spiritchaser

Interview with Lisa Gerrard

I was dressed in pyjamas when I first confronted Dead Can Dance – the imagescape of 1993’s Baraka was flowing over me with The Host of Seraphim, from Dead Can Dance’s 1988 tome, The Serpent’s Egg, invading my soul. The theatre was full, but I think I had been standing throughout the whole trial. For the images of Baraka are truly a trial for any mortal. Environmental degredation should make any bastard shirk.

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