broadcast | Garbage’s Butch Vig, October 7 1998

What can I say about Butch Vig that hasn’t already been well documented – producer for Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, one of the dream-team of producers of Garbage, and their drummer. Here Vig gets down with recording techniques, equipment and the sound of Version 2.0 (October 7 1998; 19 mins)

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broadcast | Morphine’s Billy Conway, 1996

Boston’s very un-Boston-sounding Morphine took the combination of drums, bass and baritone sax and made insanely great swamp music. One of the three, Billy Conway, speaks to Adam about how their music slides right in anywhere. RIP frontman Mark Sandman who died onstage in 1999 (April 1998; 12 mins)

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broadcast | The 3Ds’ Dave Saunders, November 18 1996

On the release of Strange News From The Angels, one of Flying Nun’s fave bands, The 3Ds, and their guitarist/vocalist Dave Saunders, speaks to Adam Connors of the label’s prowess, their ties with Chapel Hill and New Zealand’s place in the musical world (November 18 1996; 14 mins)

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