Toshiba, Fujitsu in talks to form chip partnership to become second-largest; join semiconductor industry co-op

Combined from outside sources; Adam Connors, [Thursday 21 March 2002]

Hot on the heels of Monday’s announcement of the Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric merger of their semiconductor businesses, Toshiba and Fujitsu are reportedly discussing their own merger, according to sources compiled by the March 20 late edition of Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper.

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Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric to merge chip businesses

Press release; Adam Connors, [Tuesday 19 March 2002]

Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric reached an agreement on March 18 to integrate their system LSI (large-scale integration) chip businesses and the bulk of their semiconductor operations. The announcement came after the close of the Tokyo share market.

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The Sounds of Science

With music mixing as easy as logging on to a website and typing on a keyboard, everyone is getting into the act

There was a time when music’s cutting edge was all about jamming. Performers would gather in a room and just play, picking up on one another’s riffs and rhythms, on the moods and environment they shared. It’s the defining image of the pre-electronic jazz era and, subsequently, of improvisational rock groups like the Grateful Dead or Phish. In other words, it’s all very 20th century.

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iMac, G3, But No G4? Gee… | Asiaweek

China’s request for Apple’s new ‘supercomputer’ is in the mail.

If any group on earth deserves to get their hands on the new Apple Power Mac G4, it should certainly be Chinese-language newspaper designers. Thumbing through Hong Kong’s Apple (no relation) Daily and The Sun newspapers, one is constantly astounded by the computer-graphics muscle applied to these garishly colorful, font-frenzied publications. And the G4, in keeping with Apple’s strategy of targeting its top-of-the-line machines at computer graphics professionals, looks to be a Great Leap Forward for Hong Kong newsies. Apple claims it can run Adobe Photoshop, that essential desktop publishing application, at twice the speed of the fastest Pentium PC’s.

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Toolbox: A Site of Your Own | Asiaweek

Creating a slick Internet homepage is not rocket science, and all the tools are at hand. Just open up your browser.

Of all the SNU (Stuff Nobody Uses) buried in your Web browsing software, there is a program worth noticing. You may not realize it, but both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator – the two most popular Internet browser packages – contain an application that allows even the technically maladroit to build a personal website, a home on the cyber-range to call their very own.

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