Mental Notes: May 2005

Ten years of birthdays… I dare you to work it out!

Some of these are purely notes that I had to note down after several pints for memory triggers and may not be right. How else does one else spend their birthday eve :/ From notes:

2005 :: 33 :: Sodastream at Northcote Social club (pending) [Update: top night with 3/4 of Humbug, Nina and her boy, Katey the twee lawyer, a brief visit by Mr Cutbush who couldn’t get in the door. Then off with the band to an abandoned hospital party. Eerie. Reuben slowly cruising around like the kid on his tricycle in The Shining. Very creepy.]

2004 :: 32 :: Ah yes, many GnTs at Victoria Rooms. Who could have guessed you can have fun without devouring a pack of cigs?! Lunch was a schnitzel at Kiribilli RSL while working at Who Magazine. Aiya.

2003 :: 31 :: Hong Kong, Ai, Brown Sugar, Adm DJing. Saving up the money to get “home”.

2002 :: 30 :: Taiwan, Anji, good fried Yomguih playing Jewish gypsy clarinet in Aliang’s bar. Videos on this site. One of the best nights of my life.

2001 :: 29 :: Hong Kong, bathrobes, the sky from sky high :P

2000 :: 28 :: (unknown) May have been DJing at Chem Suzi in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

1999 :: 27 :: Dinner at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club w/Liz and the Time reporter crew. An outragous crew of junior and not-so Timesters. Diversity, Don Morrison and something else beginning with D.

1998 :: 26 :: (Sheesh, four days after meeting The Bee. You had to be there. Not sure on details. A blur. Completely enamoured. Sorry.)

1997 :: 25 :: Melrose Place party in a Subiaco ad agency, mine. Multi levelled outrage conspiracy. Sony as a client. Kinda outragous as I knew how to play with the dollar. Just point me to a shit seller. Man, I can sell shit.

1996 :: 24 :: Japanese food, quiet, with Kate Shannon. Broadway, Nedlands.

1995 :: 23 :: Mmm, notes are Phillipa, Grok?! She’s the only ex- I don’t keep up with, so I think I think I’ve selectively erased that happy day…