Mental Notes: May 2004

PLAYLIST SUN 09/05/2004

w/ guest presenter Adam Connors


Boards Of Canada – Aquarius

Blur -She’s So High

Youth Group – Guilty

Lush- Kiss Chase

Franz Ferdinand – Darts Of Pleasure

Stereo Total – Patir Ou Mourir

Nuyocian Soul – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Sukia – The Dream Machine

Trans Am – 1999

Frente – Horrible (Angie now Splendid, touring)

Rosemary Beads – She Ain’t Around

The Sundays – Hideous Town

Spiderbait – Take Me Back

Ride – Like A Daydream

Grandaddy – So You’ll Aim Toward The Sky

Ouvi Melhor – With Friends Like These

Humbug – E(k)

Edwin Collins – Magic Piper Of Love

The Stems – Tears Me In Two

The Bank Holidays – The Greatest Game

Butterglory – She Clicks The Sticks

Bloodhound Gang R’mix Pet Shop Boys – Mope

Dead Inside The Chrysalis – The Invisible (Noxious Frenzy Mix)

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man (Live. Also confirmed for Fuji Rock ’04)

Salad – Drink The Elixir

Purplene – Love:Western

Purdy – On The Roof Of The World

The Ross Orbit Stack – Trouble

The Lucksmiths – Synchronised Sinking

Bentley Rhythm Ace – On Her Majesty’s Secret Whistle

Friendly – It’s There In Your Eyes

Inga Liljestrom – Glow

Franz Ferdinand – Words Of Leisure (Acoustic mix of “Darts”, avail special ed 2 CD set)

Thermos Cardy – Warm My Shoes (Now Sodastream)

The Panics – More Than You Wanted To Know

Grandaddy – Am 130