Mental Notes: January 2004

A couple of shifts from your dear reservist – this time gracing the daylight hours on Weekend Overhang. Note that after consulting my people, the name of The Bank Holidays’ track that I debuted is The Greatest Game.

Streaming MP3 versions of these programmes and others at . Catch y’all back in the night hours soon.

FBI Weekend Overhang Sat Jan 3 2004 w/ Adam Connors

Primal Scream r’mix The Orb – Higher Than the Sun

The Shins – Kissing the Liplets

Lo-Tel – Complacent Yet Anxious

The Cants – Alright

Yatsura – First Day on a Brand New Planet

Trey – Supercede

Calexico r’mix Gotan Project – Quattro

Hi-Fi Mike – Sky’s the Limit

Trans Am – Television Eyes

Spod – Makin’ Party

Lush – Ladykillers

Delays – Ride It On (Mazzy Star cover)

The Flaming Lips – Yashimi Battles the Pink Robots

Joy Division vs Missy Elliot – Love Will Freak Us (

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

Gerling – Blood on the Microphone Pt 1

Relaxed Muscle – Sexualized (Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley of Pulp)

The SCientists – Frantic Romantic (1979)

Women of Troy – Reach the Stars

Vanlustbader – War of the Worlds

The Charlatans – Come in Number 1

Clare Bowditch – Monday Comes

Enon – Shave

Ladytron – Light and Magic

Freeland – Supernatural Thing (Adam and the Evils mix)

Bentley Rhythm Ace – How’d I Do Dat?

Turin Brakes – Painkiller (Summer Rain)

Elliott Smith – Independence Day

Sneeze – If It’s Catchy it Means You Stole It

Lazy Susan – Sometimes

Friendly vs Toby Neal – Sneaker Sex

The Bird – Inner Peace

Guided By Voices – My Kind of Soldier

Veruca Salt – Officially Dead

Catatonia – This Boy Can’t Swim

Ride – From Time to Time

Team Jedi – Change of Pace

The Bank Holidays – (1st song of unmastered demo)

Green Circles – Colour Me There

GB3 – Repitition For Thinking

Toekeo – Fuck Bush feat. Ice T

Prop w/ Stereolab – Statice

FBI Weekend Overhang Sun Jan 4 2004 w/ Adam Connors

Roni Size r’mix Takemura – Brown Paper Bag

Jaylib – Raw Shit

Jay Chou – Ninja (Ren Zhi)

Soma Rasa – I Like It

Tim Rogers – Damn Songs

Teenage FAnclub – I Need Direction

Screamfeeder – Same Mistakes Again

Dappled Cities Fly – Corpus Kinaesthesia

Woodbine – Neskwik

Frente – Horrible

Elbow – Fallen Angel

Hoodoo Gurus – Big Deal

Kid 606 – If I Had a Happy Place This Would Be It

Kahimi Karie – Pygmalism

Stereolab – Come and Play in the Milky Night

Ed Kuepper – Honey Steals Gold

Women of Troy – Reach the Stars

Glide – Why You Asking?

Nuyorican Soul r’mix 4 Hero – I Am the Black Gold of the Sun

Beats for Beginners – Kill All DJs

Apsci – Pep Rally

J. Lo and Ladytron – Ghetto PrOn Queen

My Bloody Valentine – I Believe

Kevin Shields – City Girl

Jodi Phillis – Falls St

The Clouds – Aquamarine

The Revs – Death of a DJ

Verona – Perception Vs Truth

TZU – Summer DAys

Sheena Ringo – Stem

Good Buddha – Ultrasound

Hermitude – Space Evaders

Freeland r’mix Stereotyp – Supernatural Thing

Anna Waronker – Love Story

Magnapop – Down on Me

Cibo Matto – Blue Train

Vanlustbader – It’s All About

The Bank Holidays – (1st song from unmastered demo)

The CAsanovas – No Time for Love

Donderevo – Double Etheric Diagnostic

Beth Orton r’mix William Orbit – Water From a Vine Leaf

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Also, my homey Em asked me for a few sites today that rock my world, in a sort-of vague “what do you reakon are good-looking web sites” for some research piece she’s doing for work. The following is how I responded.


I have no idea what these guys are on about, but for perfect use of information in one easily viewable screen – for most web designers this is paramount as you don’t have to scroll to get the story – this site is amazing. It’s also blindingly fast and works on all platforms (Mac, PC, all browsers) due to the simple language it uses. No scrolling!!!



Two beautifully concise entertainment home pages and sites that have sweet non-traditional colours and very easy to find info. Strangely enough – and this is an inside scoop – there’s a lot of these two sites in a certain site I’m currently in the process of launching.


Simple colours, great navigation, and non-stop bulletin boards. This is the perfect example of a site run by its readers. And the search actually works!


Yeah, I know I’m bragging because I helped build it, but the TIME websites are easily the best newsmagazine websites. Check out any photoessay or special for unbeatable navigation and the science of getting right to the point using the web


The best use of Flash ever, and it actually taught me something. It’s what Flash was supposed to be used for – fast-loading animation and sound – and not the sloppy, broken and useless use of this technology by most people.