Mental Notes: December 2003

Floating thru timeslots, yours truly brings 5 hours of RAWK and DITS to the Wednesday morning spot for this week only, maybe. A personal review – started with a flourish propelled by the ace freestylin’ on STOLEN RECORDS, a great middle order and some obvious slurrrrring in the latter stages. Mental note – have a nod before an Allnighta. Notable featured recordings – new Primal Scream r’mix disk on Dirty Hits, City of God r’mix disk. Notable absentees – anything by Stereolab… but not offshoots :P Adm/

FBI Allnighta tracklist Wedn Dec 10 2003 w/ Adam Connors

Jay Chou – Ninja (Ren Zhi) * Chinese… er, Taiwanese

Autoload r’mix City of God S/T – Ze Paqueno * Spanish

Smoke City – DArk Walk

Primal Scream r’ix Massive Attack – Exterminator (and clanger #1 of the evening – “Originally from the album, um…” Exterminator you TWIT!)

My Bloody Valentine – I Believe

Humbug – Swinger’s Ball

Muzzy Pep – So 5 Minutes Ago

Super Furry Animals – Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon * Welsh

The Auteurs – Light Aircraft on Fire

Lush – Hypocrite

A.S Dragon – Spank On Me

Frenzal Rhomb – Cocksucker

Spencer Tracy – Stupid

The Posies – Dream All DAy

Wesley Willis – The Chicken Cow

The Flaming Lips r’mix TPS – Do You Realize?

Tokeo Accapella w/ Ice T – Fuck Bush (Thx for the call avid Toekeo listener. Details: from Darwin, name is Kris Keogh, also records and releases under the name Blastcorp)

Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice (clanger #2 – “…featuring, um, er, whatisname famous indie stalwart chap…” Grrr, Adam it’s BLOODY David Pajo)

Bumblebeez – Pink Fairy Floss

Akufen – Deck the House

Dirty BEatniks – Beatnik Bounce

Telemetry Orchestra – Freakout USA

Ennio Morricone r’mix The Amalgamation of Sound – La Cugina

Drumagick r’mix City of God S/T – Amour De Verao

Primal Scream r’mix Alter Ego – Autobahhn 66

Trans Am – Television Eyes

Gerling – In the City

Sheena Ringo – Track 4 from Muzai Moritorium * Japanese

Shino Lin – Johnny * Chinese

Pram – Track of the Cat

Thermos CArdy – White Trash

The Dandy Warhols – Godless

Tom Waits – Goin’ Out West

Grant Lee Buffalo – Fuzzy

Swirl – Tailor’s Eye

Swervedriver – 99th Dream

Happy Mondays – Step On

Salmanella Dub – Plate Techtonics

BAsement Jaxx – Samba Magic

Pizzicato 5 – Arigato We Love You * Japanese

Delorean – The Chalk Man

The Sea and Cake – Four Corners

Uilab – St Elmos Fire

Johnny Cash – Rusty Cage

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – Witch Mountain Bridge

Joy Division – Day of the Lords (Live 1980 Amsterdam) (clanger #3 – back-announced as “When Will It End?” GOON!)

The Pixies – Where is My Mind? (Live 1990 Utrecht)

Air – Cherry Blossom Girl

Kahimi Karie – Pymalism

Tim Rogers – Damn Songs

Teenage Fanclub – Verisimilitude

Swell – Dare

Anna Waronka – Love Story

That Dog – Long Island

Nina Gordon – Number One Camera

Jodi Phillis – Falls St

The Divine Comedy – Tonight We Fly

Ed Kuepper – Also Spach the King of Euro-Disco

Gersey – Baby, You’re a Strange Girl

Pavement – Range Life

Graham Coxon – Escape Song

Red Jezebel r’mix Echoic – Traffic

Primal Scream r’mix Two Lone Swordsmen – Some Velvet Morning

Hard on myself and with good reason. Gonna have that kip now. BIG UP For It to Jess K.

… oh, and clanger #4 submitted to FBI website with tracklist (and above) – City of God S/T is in PORTUGUESE as it’s set in Brazil (insert sound of shoe whacking forehead).