Mental Notes: December 2003

Didn’t mean it to be so electronic, but when the vibe hits, well, ya gotta shake it babee. Allnighta crews need watch out for the 5am breakbeat posse phonecalls :P

FBI Allnighta tracklist Dec 5 2003 w/ Adam Connors

Dave McCormack – I Want to Execute Your Ex-Boyfriend

The Meek – The Chase

Elbow – Fallen Angel

The Flaming Lips – In the Morning of the Magicians (Jan 22 2004 @ Enmore Theatre. Hoorah!)

Bumblebeez – Pink FAiry Floss

Kahimi Karie – Pygmalism

The Loud Family – Don’t Respond She CAn Tell

The Kinks – Powerman

The Mess Hall – Railyard Rumble

Sleepy Jackson – This DAy

The Stems – Make You Mine (live April 1986, Old Melbourne, Perth)

Dandy Warhols – Godless

Swervedriver – Between the Scenes and the Sounds of the Times

Big Heavy Stuff r’mix Lyndon Pike – Mutiny (Lyndon on FBI Sundays)

Blastcorp – A Thousand Miles Away

Outgo – Chaos

Interpol – Hands Away (live)

Boards of Canada – Julie and Candy

The Sea and Cake – Sound and Vision (yep, the Bowie song)

Stereolab – Sudden Stars

Tigers r’mix Simon Struthers and Darren ‘Greenwood’ – Return to the Valley of the Snow Bees

B(if)tek r’mix Disco Stu – Hardwired for Sound

Leftfield – Phat Planet

Ennio Morrisone r’mix Kabuki – Dal Mare

Bentley Rhythm Ace – On Her Majesty’s Secret Whistle

Superchunk – Hyper Enough

Muzzy Pep – So 5 Minutes Ago

Ride – Cool Yer Boots

Adorable – Crash Sight

Screamfeeder – Same Mistakes Again

Architecture in Helsinki r’mix B(if)tek – Lo-fi Kids

Bryan Ferry – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (this is a HATE CRIME! Funny though)

Sheena Ringo – Stem

Slimey Things – Help! I’m in the 80s

Tiltmeter – Are You Finished?

Built to Spill – Trimmed and Burning

A.S Dragon – Spank on Me

Deus – Theme From Turnpike

Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

Gill Scott-Heron – Home is Where the Hatred is (1972)

Tricky – Dear God (XTC cover)

Tracy Redhead – Broken Wings

Mick Harvey w/ Anita Lane and Warren Ellis – Bonnie and Clyde

Barb Waters w/ Kim Salmon – Make it Count

Telemetry Ochestra – Shizuma Drive

Urban Takeover (Mickey Finn and Aphrodite) – ‘Cause We’re Rollin’

Squarepusher – 1 (from Burning’n Tree)

Groove Armada – Superstylin’

Scare Electric – Rattlesnake

Vice Versa – Snuff Box

Mukaisake – Pilot

Machine Translations – A Most Peculiar Place

Red Snapper r’mix Blue States – Regrettable

Infusion – Dead Souls

Le Tigre – Deceptacon

The Black Keys – No Trust

Tortoise – Seneca

Smudge – Ingrown

Waikiki – New Technology

The Day After – I’m Stolen

Portastatic – Isn’t That the Way

Royksopp – Eple

Then the MIGHTY Jess K braved the sodden morn for her big brekky. Catch y’all next week Fri 1-6.