Mental Notes: November 2003

2SER Lolly Bag tracklist Nov 27 2003 w/ Adam Lolly

(Filling in for SPC while he takes a breather from graveyard action)

Butthole Surfers – Annoying Song

Polvo – Fast Canoe

The Loud Family – Don’t Respond She Can Tell

Swervedriver – Son of Jaguar E

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

Stereolab – Golden Ball

My Bloody Valentine – When You Wake You’re Still in a Dream

Drop City – Setting Sun

Verona – On a Rainy Afternoon

Jet – Take It or Leave It

Capitol City – Jackhammer Swing

Fragile – She Really Means That Much to Me

Sarah Blasko – Your Way

All About Lily Chou-Chou S/T – (track 4)

Kahimi Karie – Ice Age Train (from Tilt, a new one from Ai in HK. Tnx babe!)

Elbow- Fallen Angel

Medicine – Time Baby 3

Lush – Last Night

Adam Freland – We Want Your Soul

Chemical Bros r/mix Underworld – Leave Home

Front 242 – Happiness (dance mix)

Nina Simone r’mix Felix Da Housecat – Sinnerman

The Smiths – Girl Afraid

Inspiral CArpets – Dragging Me Down

Sleepy Jackson – This Day

Teenage Fanclub – Your Love is the Place I Come From

Pollyanna – Velocette

Kahimi Karie – Pygmalism

Frank Black – I Can Stay Here Forever

The Breeders – Doe

The White Stripes – The HArdest Button to Button

Downsyde – El Questro

Pizzicato 5 – Collision and Improvisation

Air – Don’t Be Light

Butterglory – She Clicks the Sticks

Adam Said Galore – Hiawatha

Sammy – Encyclopedi-ite

That Dog – Until the Day I Die

Catatonia – This Boy Can Swim

… then over to Alex and Mary-Ellen for Breakfast. Nighto.