Mental Notes: November 2002

Peso Playlist, Saturday October 16, 2002

[ A very electronic set.]

Mogwai – R U Still Into It? (Remix)

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

Gus Gus – Ghetto Belief

Stereolab – Nihilist Assault Group Parts 3, 4 and 5

Accelera Deck – Greentone (Hamlet Soundtrack – Track 4; pure, slow, droning noise)

Jay Chau – Track 9

The Pixies – Where is My Mind?

The Flaming Lips – Flight Test

Butthole Surfers – The Hurdy Gurdy Man

The Loud Family – Don’t Respond She Can Tell

Aphrodite – Be With Me (featuring Miss Bunty)

Propellorheads – Echo and Bounce

DJ Shadow – You Can’t Go Home Again

Environmental Science – Dat Gunslinger

Fussible – Odyssea (La Ballena)

Ladytron – Cease 2 Exist

St Etienne – Pale Movie

Lush – Sweetness and Light (MBV remix)

Primal Scream – Kill All Hippies

Primal Scream – Rise

My Bloody Valentine – When You Wake You’re Still in a Dream

The Fall – Two Librans

Nurse with Wound and Stereolab – Simple Headphone Mind (Nurse With Wound remix)

Squarepusher – Tundra

DJ Shadow – Six Days

The Flaming Lips – Yashimi Battles the Pink Robots

Tha Blue Herb and DJ Krush – Cie No Wa

Sticky Rice – Clam

Gil Scott-Heron – Home Is Where the Hatred Is

Nuyorican Soul – I’m The Back Gold Of The Sun

DJ Hype – Peace Love and Unity

St Germain – Rose Rouge (Spiller Rouge mix)

The Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection

Ride – Like a Daydream

Swervedriver – Feel So Real

The Smiths – Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Adorable – Crash Sight

Air – Remember

Ladytron – Light and Magic

Essa – Africans in Space

Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (Live in Koln)

Lamb – Gabriel

The Breeders – Sinister Foxx

Nirvana – You Know You’re Right

Placebo – Pure Morning

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?

Yo La Tengo – My Little Corner Of The World

[LateNitePeso3. I want to sit down. Or go home. Do ker yi. Ended up going to the reopening of Spin, now called – eek! – Banana Heaven. And the name doesn’t sound any better in Chinese :P Went with Asako, Claudine and Guo-min. Danced to jungle and breakbeat ’til 6:30. Shook out my angst big time.]