Mental Notes: June 2002

Peso playlist Friday June 28, 2002

Thermos Cardy – Motorhome

Teenage Fanclub – I Can’t Find My Way Home

Ween – Falling Out

Built to Spill – Alarmed

Yo La Tengo – Tears are in Your Eyes

Grandaddy – Go Progress Chrome

Underground Lovers – On and On and On

Baaba Maal – I Will Follow You

Red Snapper – Snapper

Rob D – Clubbed

Smoke City – Underwater Love

Turn On – Ru Tenone

T-Rex – Hot Love

Clinic – Second Foot Stomp

Stereolab – Analogue Rock

Nuyorican Soul – I’m The Back Gold Of The Sun

Squarepusher – 1

Nicolette – No Government

Kruder and Dorfmeister – Track 3

Fatboy Slim – Everybody Loves a Filter

The Herbaliser – It’s Just For You

Beastie Boys – Root Down

Propellorheads and Shirley Bassey – History Repeating

Super Furry Animals – Ymaelodi A’r Ymylon

Blur – People in Europe

Ride – Magical Spring

The Charlatans – I Never Want an Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever to Get There

My Bloody Valentine – When You Wake You’re Still in a Dream

Swervedriver – For Seeking Heat

Silver Sun – Julia

Drop City – Setting Sun

Jebediah – Spoil the Show

Fugazi – Do You Like Like Me

Adam Said Galore – Hiawatha

Sisters and Mary Chain – Tumbledown

Yo La Tengo – Little Honda

Deus – The Ideal Crash

Ladytron – Discotraxx

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

The Breeders – No Aloha

Compulsion – Mail Monarchy

The Pixies – Tame

Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes

Leftfield – Phat Planet

[Next 3 by request, Nanji and Oah]

The Breeders – Grunggae

The Pixies – Subculture

Jebediah – Leaving Home (Live at the Wireless)

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Mess of Afros

Stereolab- Parsec

Lamb – Cotton Wool

Sounds of the Underground – Track 1

Groove Armada – Superstylin’

Squarepusher – 6 mixed with Sigor Ros – Avalon

St Germain – Rose Rouge (Spiller mix)

St Etienne – Pale Movie

Blondie – Call Me

Lush – Single Girl

That Dog – Never Say Never

Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection

Blur – There’s No Other Way

The Charlatans – Jesus Hairdo

Sticky Rice – A Lu Ba

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (blah blah mix from album)

Kid Koala and Money Mark – Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Primal Scream and Dust Bros – Jailbird

Faye Wong – Track 1 from Ai comp.

Curve – Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus

Sheena Ringo – Track 3

Morcheeba – Trigger Hippy

Air – Sexy Boy

Radiohead- Idioteque

Spiderbait – When Fusion Ruled the Earth

Lamb – Sweet

Friendly- It’s There in Your Eyes

Blur – Coffee and Cigarettes

Pulp – Do You Remember the First Time?

Beauty 4 – Bang Bang Boom

Pizzicato 5 – It’s a Beautiful Day

Chen Ming-chang – The Last Train to SuAo

[Home, through frustration with the bar staff more than anything else]