Mental Notes: June 2002

Peso playlist Friday June 14, 2002

Gus Gus – Believe

Clarty/Binary Brothers – Thinking Louder (J.Raq mix)

Red Snapper – Get Some Sleep Tiger

The Herbalizer – It’s Just for You

Black Uhuru – Boof N Baff N Biff

Kruder and Dorfmeister – Track 2

Lamb – Gorecki

Digs, Whoosh and Mr Ski – Rumpfunk

Sheena Ringo – Track 3

Elliott Smith – Son of Sam

Kings of Convenience – Toxic Girl

Deus – Little Arithmetics

Sonic Youth – 100%

Built to Spill – Trimmed and Burning

Elastica – S.O.F.T

Faye Wong – Track 1

[Police raid. Doh, still haven’t paid off the right people, have they?! Great. Time for Vampiros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party! Nothing like German porn music to make a bullet-proof-jacket-wearing ID check more interesting.]

Kylie – It’s in Your Eyes

St Germain – Rose Rouge (Spiller mix)

Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes (Chem Bros mix)

Blur – Boys and Girls

The Lightening Seeds – Lucky You

The Smiths – Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Smile

Jesus and Mary Chain – Far Gone and Out

Weezer – Hash Pipe

Butthole Surfers – The Annoying Song

Clinic – Second Foot Stomp

Radiohead – You and Whose Army

The Pixies – Where is My Mind (Live)

The Cure – Track 14 from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Depeche Mode, Kruder and Dorfmeister – Track 7

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Air – Sexy Boy

Squarepusher – 1

Sounds of the Underground – Track 1

Basement Jaxx – Samba Magic

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

St Etienne – Pale Movie

Blondie – Call Me

Fatboy Slim – Michael Jackson

The Chemical Bros – Leave Home (Underworld mix)

Bentley Rhythm Ace – On Her Majesty’s Secret Whistle

Stone Roses – Fools Gold

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall mix)

Leftfield – Phat Planet

Pizzicato 5 – My Baby Portable Player Sound

Lush – Ladykillers

Salad – Drink the Elixir

Placebo – Brick Shithouse

Dramarama – Anything Anything

Blur – There’s No Other Way

Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign

The Lemonheads – Mrs Robinson

Yatsura – First Day on a Brand New Planet

Nina Gordon – Number One Camera

The Breeders – Invisible Man

Salt – So

Friendly – It’s There in Your Eyes

Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget

Stereolab – Come and Play in the Milky Night

Lamb – Sweet

St Germain – So Flute

Sounds of the Underground – Track 13

Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde

Ladytron – Playgirl

T-Rex – Hot Love

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