Mental Notes: May 2002

Peso playlist Wednesday May 8, 2002

Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm

Ash – Shining Light

Jebediah – Leaving Home

Smudge – Ingrown

Pollyanna – Cinnamon Lip

Humbug – Deceiver

Swervedriver – Feel So Real

Built to Spill – Strange

Elliott Smith – Independence Day

Deus – Let’s See Who Goes Down First

Sonic Youth – No Queen Blues

Duji – Be Careful What You Say

Rob D – Clubbed

St Germain – Rose Rouge

Cool Breeze – Acoustic Blues

Stereolab – Metronomic Underground

Morcheeba – Moog Island (live)

Tracy Bonham – Every Breath

Magnapop – Down on Me

Nina Gordon – Number One Camera

That Dog – Retreat from the Sun

St Etienne – Pale Movie

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Blur – Bad Day

The Charlatans – I Never Want an Easy Life

The Lightening Seeds – 3 Lions

The Divine Comedy – Geronimo

Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget

Sounds of the Underground comp – Track 14

Handsome Boy Modeling School, DJ Shadow, DJ Quest – Holy Calamity

Psychodeliasmith – Give Me My Anger Back

Cut La Rock – Post Punk Progression

Fatboy Slim – The Rockefeller Skank

Weezer – The Good Life

Regurgitator – Blubber Boy

The Pixies -Tame

Capital City – Jackhammer Swing

My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realize

Joy Division – Interzone

Lush – Ladykillers

Swervedriver – Last Train to Satansville (Satansville Revisited)

Butthole Surfers -Who Was in My Room Last Night

Suicidal Tendencies – Possessed to Skate

Nirvana – Breed

Elastica – Annie

Rosemary Beads – She Ain’t Around

[Then a wikkid Japanese couple accosted me and thus a montage of Mr Bungle, The Boredoms and Pizzicato 5]

Gorillaz – 19-2000

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

Sounds of the Underground comp – Track 13

St Germain – So Flute

Basement Jaxx – Jump N Shout

Handsome Boy Modeling School, Moloko and J-Live – The Truth

[Yep, obviously got back my HBMS CD!]

[ Apple action :) ]