Mental Notes: May 2002

Peso playlist Friday May 3

Basement Jaxx – Rendez-vu

Cousin Grizzly – Center Fold

George Benson – The Ghetto

Beastie Boys – Root Down

DJ Krush – Four Elements/Yes to Life/Just Be Good to Me

Bootman – To the Hip

Smoke City – Numbers

Morcheeba – Tape Loop (Diabolical Bros mix)

The Charlatans – Only Teethin

Nina Gordon – Tonight and the Rest of My Life

Magnapop – Down on Me

Elastica – Hold Me Now

PJ Harvey – Meet Za Monsta

Catatonia – You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For

Teenage Fanclub – Dumb Dumb Dumb

Stereolab – Wow and Flutter

Air – Kelly, Watch the Stars

Tortoise – Swung from the Gutters

Elliott Smith – Happiness

Grandaddy – AM 180

Sammy – Encycolopedi-ite

Weezer – Photograph

Silver Sun – Julia

Turnstyle – Spray Water on the Stereo

Environmental Science – Dat Gunslinger

Bentley Rhythm Ace – Theme From Gutbuster

Fatboy Slim – Going Out of My Head

Urban Takeover – Coz We’re Rollin’

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall mix)

The Stone Roses – Elephant Stone

Blur – Bang

Adorable – Homeboy

Yo Le Tengo – Cherry Chapstick

Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

St Etienne – Pale Movie

Kylie – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango

Propellorheads – Velvet Pants

St Germain – Rose Rouge (Spiller mix)

Pizzicato Five – Track 3 TYO

[Requests x 2]

Blur – Coffee and Cigarettes

Gorillaz – Latin Simone

Mr Bungle – Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz

Joy Division – She’s Lost Control

Primal Scream – Swastica Eyes

Inspiral Carpets and Mark E. Smith – I Want You

Elastica and Mark E. Smith – How We Wrote Elastica Man

Placebo – Pure Morning

David Holmes and Bobby Gillespie – Sick City

Sisters and Mary Chain – Reverence

Faye Wong – Track 17 (Ai’s compilation)

Leftfield – Phat Planet

Groove Armada – Superstylin’

[Police raid again]

Friendly – It’s There in Your Eyes

Smoke City – Devil Mood

Stone Roses -Fools Gold

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Mess of Afros

Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (remix)

Kylie – In Your Eyes

That Dog – Retreat From the Sun

Spiderbait – Calypso

Salad – Drink the Elixir

Magnapop – I Don’t Care

Lemonheads – Mrs Robinson

The Pixies – Alec Eiffel

Sunset Ibiza – Track 12

Basement Jaxx – Samba Magic

Faze Action – Turn the Point

Beauty 4 – Track 4

Propellorheads and Shirley Bassey – History Repeating

[Mac action]