Mental Notes: April 2002

Peso playlist Sunday April 28, 2002

Nina Gordon – 2003

The Paradise Motel – Heavy Weather

Chen Ming-chang – The Last Train From SuAo

Drop City – The Girl With the Sun in Her Eyes

Lush – Covert

Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

Mogwai – Track 7 (from Kicking a Dead Pig)

Gorillaz – Re-Hash

St Germain – Land ofÉ

Tortoise – Swung From the Gutters

Stereolab – Captain Easychord

Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know I Can Save You from

The Divine Comedy – Track 2

Les Rhythm Digitales – Kontact

Outside – To Forgive But Not Forget

Faye Wong – Track 8 (Ai’s compilation)

Bjork – Homogenic – Track 9

Nurse With Wound and Stereolab – Simple Headphone Mind

Front 242 – Happiness (dub)

Ween – She Fucks Me

Butthole Surfers – Hurdy Gurdy Man

The Lightening Seeds – You Showed Me

Blur – She’s So High

Gorillaz – 5/4

[By request, a Stereolab set. Yay! A v-quiet Sunday]

Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie

Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline

Stereolab – Track 1 (Refried Ectoplasm)

Stereolab – Come Play in the Milky Night

Stereolab – Parsec

Red Snapper – Crusoe Takes a trip

Yo La Tengo – Mody Octopad

Joy Division – Disorder

Rosemary Beads – She Ain’t Around

Spiderbait – Horshack Army

Archers of Load – All the Nations Airports

Nina Gordon – Badway

Weezer – Tired of Sex

Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized

Mr Bungle – Desert Search for Techno Allah

Cinema Prague – Dirty Bole

Cinema Prague – Yes I Am (Live at the Cornflakes 1995)

TISM – He’ll Never be an Old Man River

[And then the Mac took over]