Hynix, Nanya return to profitability, a healthy sign for DRAM industry

Compiled from outside sources; Adam Connors, DigiTimes.com [Monday 15 April 2002]

First-quarter revenues reported by large chip manufacturers on April 15 point to a healthier state of the memory industry that hit historic lows throughout last year, with Nanya Technology and Hynix Semiconductor returning to profitability for the first time since late 2000.

Taiwan’s Nanya recorded a net profit of NT$1.5 billion for the first quarter, and is confident of attaining 2002 profits of NT$11.23 billion. This is a major turnaround from the NT$1.7 billion loss for the first quarter of 2001 and an overall net loss of NT$9.58 billion last year. South Korea’s Hynix also returned to profitability for the first time since the third quarter of 2000 with three billion won in net profits for the first quarter of 2002, following the massive 1.37 trillion won in losses of the fourth quarter of 2001.

Both memory makers credit the rebound of DRAM prices for their return to profitability. Nanya had record revenues for March, and is currently advancing its stake in supplying DRAM to OEM clients, raising its more lucrative OEM shipment share from 8% in January to 60% in April. Hynix is also enjoying the current buoyancy of the OEM market, though its stalled merger with Micron Technology continues to plague investor sentiment.

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