SBS Radio World View AM edition, October 6, 2006

First a bulletin of the latest world news.

Feature 1–The United States is finding that it has very little bargaining power left, even through the United Nations, to try to reign-in North Korea’s threat to test nuclear weapons.

Feature 2–With the North Korean crisis escalating, the new Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, is facing a baptism of fire.

Feature 3–A refugee advocacy centre claims the Federal Government has jeopardised the lives of hundreds of asylum seekers by telling them it was safe to return home only for them to face renewed persecution.

Feature 4–Twenty years ago this week, a single man exposed Israel’s top secret nuclear facility where the nation had allegedly been developing nuclear weapons.

Feature 5–Has the page now been turned in the brutal history of Northern Ireland? An independent international body monitoring the ceasefire has concluded that the Irish Republican Army, the I-R-A, is no longer engaged in paramilitary violence.

Feature 6–Two Nepalese teenagers were untouched by the country’s politics when they independently decided a decade ago to come to Australia to study and to improve their prospects back home.

And before we go, a final check of today’s main stories.