Ammonia; Jebediah; Big Heavy Stuff, Newport, December 14, 1996

Ah, summer in Fremantle, the final destination of yet another ballbreaking national tour by some of Sony Australia’s big hitters and bright prospects. The rumour that Ammonia, Jebediah and Big Heavy Stuff were only hours away from finishing a 26 date/30 day tour was reason enough to expect a little craziness, certainly befitting the extremities of a ‘peep show’ and the Jebs actually looking tired for the first time in their lives.

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Tyranny of Distance? Save your Pity For Yourselves

Article for The Australian – Western Australia feature (Sept, 1996): WA music industry

It was during a small, suburban park cricket match in late 1995 that many of us finally realised that Western Australia’s largely unheralded music ‘renaissance’ had finally broken through. Halfway through the Treadmill Eleven’s dashing batting effort on a slow but true pitch against Perth’s X-Press Magazine, the booming strains of Ammonia’s Mint 400 album came wafting across the field from a brick and tile suburban dwelling.

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