interview | Sandpit (1997) – Interview with vocalist/guitarist Brendan Webb

Sandpit hail from the thriving Brunswick Street live circuit of Fitzroy, Victoria, but their coy little lilting tunes are usually the stuff found bouncing between the Merge label in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and New Zealand’s Flying Nun roster. Theirs is the sound of sweet discordance, born of bedrooms and really cheap guitars which go … Continue reading “interview | Sandpit (1997) – Interview with vocalist/guitarist Brendan Webb”

Tyranny of Distance? Save your Pity For Yourselves

Article for The Australian – Western Australia feature (Sept, 1996): WA music industry It was during a small, suburban park cricket match in late 1995 that many of us finally realised that Western Australia’s largely unheralded music ‘renaissance’ had finally broken through. Halfway through the Treadmill Eleven’s dashing batting effort on a slow but true … Continue reading “Tyranny of Distance? Save your Pity For Yourselves”

interview | Summersault ’95 – The Local Assault

As well as the stunning array of glamorous, international musical megastars strolling the catwalk at Summersault, Fremantle Oval January 7, a local contingent of glamorous musical megastars will put forth their noise on the same stages. ADAM CONNORS spoke to Perth bands Jebediah, Bluetile Lounge, Outstation, Wormfarm and Thermos Cardy before the big day arrived. … Continue reading “interview | Summersault ’95 – The Local Assault”