Mental Notes: August 2002

TAIPEI–Three new-spankin’-new playlists from Peso. Note new Humbug single, For the Birds, available MP3-only from New song each week ’til album launch. Peso playlist Friday August 16, 2002 Mogwai – New Paths to Helicon Pt 1 Mogwai and David Pejo – Take Me Somewhere Nice Shino Lin – Track 7 [Req. Bad song on … Continue reading “Mental Notes: August 2002”

Toshiba, Fujitsu in talks to form chip partnership to become second-largest; join semiconductor industry co-op

Combined from outside sources; Adam Connors, DigiTimes.comĀ [Thursday 21 March 2002] Hot on the heels of Monday’s announcement of the Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric merger of their semiconductor businesses, Toshiba and Fujitsu are reportedly discussing their own merger, according to sources compiled by the March 20 late edition of Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper.

Alice Cooper, Friday September 5, 1997

Perth Entertainment Centre The tendency for withering rockers to beef up their shows with awesome explosions, technological diversions and improbably large inflatable farm animals is the norm in this age. The fact that we see none of it on this tour simply reiterates that this was Alice Cooper’s nightmarish gag twenty four years ago and … Continue reading “Alice Cooper, Friday September 5, 1997”

Toni Childs, Sunday November 23, 1996

The Regal Theatre, Subiaco Have you ever felt that you have successfully progressed, set new standards, moved on … while everyone clings to your past glories? Such is the case with Toni Childs who, at the beginning of her latest Australian tour, is faced with having to let her latest material sit dormant while the … Continue reading “Toni Childs, Sunday November 23, 1996”

Mo Wax: Money Mark; Djs James Lavelle, Shadow, Charlie and a cavalcade of stars … Planet, January 6, 1996

For a grunge puppy like myself it is hard to admit that I may be somewhat ‘crossing over’ these days, but with the Mo’Wax Headz in town it seemed to be the right time to come out, just a little … Planet was bubbling both downstairs and up, the all-ages frenzy in the basement supplying … Continue reading “Mo Wax: Money Mark; Djs James Lavelle, Shadow, Charlie and a cavalcade of stars … Planet, January 6, 1996”