Mental Notes August 2013

MELBOURNE–Go on, subscribe to RTR FM’s Radiothon. I just called in and went to air to lend my support.

Asked to submit *just one* top 90s track I settled on Down by Mardi Picasso. For sad reasons. Have a listen, and a sook, to the second item below.

Tech constraints at the P-town end meant I couldn’t get my choice on-air. Heck, I’ve done enough Radiothons to understand…

Down by Mardi Picasso is from their Pop Goes the Mardis album.

To cut a short story long, while rifling through my disused CD collection trying to find Zoned by Ammonia (must surely be its 20th anniversary by now) I came across three Mardi Picasso albums. Which, in my usual sidetrack thinking had me a’wondering “what ever happened to that brilliant lunatic songwriter Martin Gambie, who seemingly inspired a thousand weird Freo bands but bizarrely couldn’t break it himself?”

Turns out he’d died just last year in April, at only 54 years of age.

Down is a ridiculously beautiful piece of work, as is most of Martin’s work across five albums (I think) as MP.


Anyways… the olden days, the 90s, and beautiful Shoegaze is the theme of the Siamese Dream program. What hair were you wearing?