Mudslinger, Murdoch University, January 4, 1997

Several reviews which went into a bigger piece.

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Following a week of face-melting temperatures, Saturday proved to be just the day to break out the long socks and general Maths teacher attire for the inaugural Mudslinger, the Murdoch Uni pitch splendid for this one day knock and mosh. With food, good vibes and Beaverloop t-shirts all the rage, the University’s new Guild building was the perfect amphitheatre for the few thousand assembled, a spectacle which will be hard to follow already in 1997.

Providing the psycho elevator music for the long lines of entering fans, Cinema Prague’s five song set was simply upstaged by the nudity of Beaverloop’s Leon Ewing, who I’m sure though twice about which cord to plug into his amplifier. “It is days like this you are glad you are not a drummer,” guitarist Brad Coleman said of Leon’s lack of formal wear to about 400 people already bouncing in front of the stage at 3:10pm.

Pollyanna’s mid-paced poppery adjusted the tone, their three-part harmonies unleashing a truly glorious Summer afternoon barrage of Pale Grey Eyes and the new, rhythmic Peachy Keen. Sorry, was that another bottom reference?

Mid-afternoon had the Dirty Three providing the soundtrack to the most beautiful of moments, the song Hope unleashing the gypsy dervish in violinist Warren Ellis while The Mark Of Cain probably conducted an animal sacrifice around the back. The latter’s set, while establishing the term ‘Dustslinger’ through manic front-of-stage activity, had its first ever female accompaniment of LMA from fans, sending a frightening chill through most of us.

Adam Connors