Not Enough Rope; Honey, Fly By Night, May 11, 1996

greetings! i’m just doing my abdominal crunches for the dead can dance i/v tonight. oh well, back to the “ab roller plus” …

adm schwarzenegg aaarrgh.

With one’s back firmly planted against one of the many heaters spread throughout the Fly By Night Club you can sometimes forget that you are within a sheet-metal aircraft hanger. Similarly, when the syrupy languidness of one of those Ian Campbell/Sunday session ensembles warms the ears it amounts to a real cosy cocktail.

As one-third of Honey, Campbell, the ex-DM3 and current Pretty Hates’ guitarist/vocalist, has drawn together another neat collection of moderate pop numbers for this low-key collective. It was no surprise, and ever welcome, that the final few songs in Saturday’s set included the instantly-recognisable Perth standard, Blind. Sweet, non-threatening jaggles abound.

And for my first viewing of Not Enough Rope, the occasion of their debut CD launch, the same could be said – equally sweet, harmonious ‘Melbournian’ tunes which, thankfully, dared not stray into messy genre jumping. A none-too-hurried listen to their CD, I’ll Tell You When I See You, is certainly a testament to this.

With the curiously cuddly and congratulatory crowd leaving their seats early to jig to their muse, the twin harmonies of ‘Matts’ Galligan and Kealley – classic colonial names in themselves – rounded off the magnificent instrumentation of their lot. Live versions of Fade Away and Fig Tree from their CD were calming constants in the sad, and numerous, electrical explosions coming from the PA. Somehow they blew the stack early on but, unmoved, played an astonishing set of all-embracing acoustic and somewhat traditional fare.

Not Enough Rope at the Fly By were more than well worth a subtle night’s sanctity from the bracing winter blues. Recommended for relaxation.

Adam Connors