Tilt; Spooky, Harbourside Hotel, December 30, 1996

T’was the night before New Year’s Eve and pretty early on it seemed that the gig-going public was staying at home to do some of the more important things in life – taking down Xmas decorations, touching up gravel chips on the car duco, having a late night root canal, etc. Soldiering on, Spooky and Tilt got up at the Harbourside and played to about ten people, a number which got less and less as the night went on.

I liked Spooky when I saw them last. Vocalist Rosie Rooney has quite a girl-like voice and she held her notes, but not on this night. Songs like Salacious and On The Quiet, the name of their debut EP, were the saving graces of a bit of a bum note night.

Tilt, on the other hand, were probably in the throws of a bum band night, their performance undoubtedly suffering from the lack of an audience. But hey, I also believe they suffered from a lack of originality, a reliance on guitar effects and a position, with both feet planted, within that icky commercial rock genre that I’d love to see buried along with cover bands.

And in respect to the lead singer’s continual comments about the lame audience numbers, members of The Clouds and You Am I were strolling around in the bar. Doh!

Adam Connors