Maori, Polynesian tattoos back in fashion

The distinctive tattoo and carving techniques on the bodies and faces of the Maori and Polynesian peoples is said to be surging in popularity after decades of being driven out of sight. Known as “ta moko” by the Maori, “pe’a” and “malu” by Samoans, its traditional statements tell of family ties, history and status. Renown moko artist, Inia Taylor, begins this report on the rebirth of moko – and the sensitivities that arise from its use in mainstream culture.

Speakers: Inia Taylor, moko artist and designer on Once Were Warriors; Ngarino Ellis, Maori art academic University of Auckland; Mark Adams, photographer and author of Paulo Sulu’Ape The Art of Tatau

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  1. Here in Oregon people love to cover themselves with tattoos. It’s sort of hobby with us. So I am always interested in seeing what others are doing and learning new things. Thanks for the post.

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