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While my articles folder may show 137 files, there is no way I have time to convert them all to HTML. Most of my work has been published in print only, especially for The West Australian, The Australian and others.
Further, there are hundreds of live-to-air and recorded interviews for radio. What are linked here are existing articles on the internet of my writing. I wrote these pieces for the specific publications listed.

dead can dance

- The iMagazine
  • Dead Can Dance - band interview 1996 with Lisa Gerrard.
  • Lush - band interview 1995 with Philip King.
  • Spinanes - band interview 1996 with Rebecca Gates.
  • Silverchair - live review of the Freakshow CD launch in Sydney, January 1997.
  • 1997 Top 10 for The iMagazine.


    - mu Magazine
  • Effigy - band interview 1998 with Peter Hardman.
  • Clan Analogue - feature on sound/vision collective 1998.


    - Grok Magazine
  • Selection of articles from Grok Online 1996 - Elastica, Bill Gates, sexual harrassment and the Kiss My Wami awards.
  • Selection of articles from Grok Online 1995 - Negativland and Artrage.


    racey@greenwichA gallery of some of the projects I have tackled during my time at Alpha and Omega Advertising and running conrad, my small business dealing in youth-oriented advertising and internet design (see here for internet designs and sites).

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    Art was constructed using fundamentally Quark XPress, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop, a multitude of www applications and raw HTML.

  • articles and artwork
    articles | artwork

    Samples of articles and artwork I have done for the past few years, includes a small gallery tour of some of my recent graphic design projects for clients.



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