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adam connors

present positions
july 1998

- Graphic Designer and Advertising Rep (traditional and electronic): Brainstorm AO Advertising. Clients include National Union of Students Australia, Sony Music WA, NDG Software, RTRFM 92.1 Radio, Harvey World Travel, Brambles, Sealanes, The Sak, Perth Theatre Trust.
- Radio Broadcaster and Special Projects Coordinator: RTR FM 92.1 Perth Western Australia Radio. Broadcast programmes include Out To Lunch (12-3pm weekdays), Homegrown (4-6pm Saturdays) and the coordination of the Fresh Blast CD Launch Project.
- Communications Consultant and Editor of the National Union of Students' media structure. This includes the NUS national magazine Roar and the NUSe internet site.
- Freelance Music Journalist: occasional work for The Australian, The West Australian, mu Magazine, the iMagazine and syndication of important interviews.



- 1990-1993 Bachelor of Arts (double major in Communication Studies and English Comparative Literature) Murdoch University.
- 1994-1995 (incomplete) Bachelor of Arts Honours (English) Curtin University.
- 1995 unit in Public Relations (major project in 'Promoting RTR-FM 92.1 to 18-25 Year Old Publics' -100% mark) Curtin University.


- practical training in 'Media Production' (1992) and 'Principles of Radio' (1993) at Murdoch University.
- Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) course 'Presentation Skills for Radio' (1994) at ABC studios, Perth.
- volunteer work at Western Australian Music Industry Association (WAM) (1993).
- graphic design skills developed from editorship of Grok Magazine (1994 - 1996) and experience at Brainstorm AO Advertising (exceedingly fluent in Macintosh and PC: Word programmes, Pagemaker, Quark XPress, Freehand, Photoshop, internet HTML and graphics, WWW functions).
- advertising, marketing and prepress expertise through three years' employment at Brainstorm AO Advertising.


- Broadcast presentation and production on RTRFM 92.1 Radio - currently Out To Lunch and Homegrown (1993-)
i) Out to Lunch (new release music, interviews and community news)
ii) Homegrown (Perth original music and interviews)
iii) Drivetime (alternative music and news)
RTR-FM is Perth's largest FM public radio station and an enormous supporter of local, original music, events and news. Its listenership as of July 1998 is approx 200,000 per week.

- Communications Consultant for National Union of Students Australia (1997-)
The National Union of Students represents 540,000 tertiary students nationally with its national headquarters based in Melbourne. I am the Editor and Communications Consultant for the NUS national magazine, Roar, and the NUS national website, NUSe (http://www.nus.asn.au).

- Editor of Grok Magazine (1995-96)
Responsibilities: Grok Magazine is Australia's largest distribution student magazine (18,000 print run) which appears on all of WA's major university campuses and 150 street points.
As Editor, it was my responsibility to fashion together all of the elements of the magazinešs organisation to produce the monthly publication - staff, contributors, advertising policies, the Curtin Guild publisher's input - while still staying true to the wants and needs of the tertiary student readership.
I furthermore implemented and designed the Grok internet version, an internet magazine in place since August 1995 (http://www.curtin.edu.au/curtin/guild/grok).

- Freelance Journalist, The West Australian Revue (1995-1997)
- Freelance Journalist, The Australian (1996-97)
- Freelance Journalist, (syndicated writings for) The Canberra Times, Courier Mail, the iMagazine, mu magazine and others

Responsibilities: for Revue I covered live music events weekly, new release albums and conducted/contributed interviews with music artists. I dedicated myself as a local music specialist and wrote over 90 articles covering Perth events.
For The Australian I conducted and contributed live reviews and face-to-face interviews with national and international touring artists.
As my interviews are usually reproduced in print, for radio and on the internet, promotions executives know that their aims will be met by my work.

- Project Coordinator Fresh Blast CD Launch Project (1996-)
Fresh Blast, sponsored by Healthway (Health Department of WA), RTRFM and X-Press Magazine, is a project funding 36 smoke-free CD launches by local bands over two years (1996-98). As the Project Coordinator I must promote and organise the project, liase with the funding/sponsorship body (Healthway) and media sponsors (RTRFM and X-Press), as well as liase with the bands who apply for the funding.

- Design/Layout/Typesetting (casual), Brainstorm AO Advertising (1995-)
Brainstorm AO Advertising is an agency and production house based in Subiaco. Some of its clients include Harvey World Travel, Perth Theatre Trust, Brambles and The Sak.

- Advertising Consultant (1996-)
Under the name conrad I have several large clients of my own including Sony Music (WA), NDG Software and National Union of Students Australia.
For the National Union of Students I design and edit their internet web site (http://www.nus.asn.au) which is used as a news and policy source by the country's student organisations and media establishments. I also design and deliver various campaign materials used nationally, such as the GCCA Gradlink graduate employment media kits.


- University and TAFE lecturing and tutoring
I lectured to Curtin University Urban Planning students as part of their course in dealing with the media (topic: How the media can turn a terrorist into a freedom fighter) in 1993.
In 1995 I schooled TAFE students and music industry personnel at a Basic Music Industry Skills (BMIS) unit on music and the internet.
In 1996 I presented introductory lectures to Curtin University first-year students on both Grok Magazine and the university's internet system.

- MC duties and events
I have helped stage manage, run and MC many events around Perth, for example: the National Campus Band Competition heats and finals (1991-97), countless RTR-FM events, the 1996 Prosh (University of Western Australia) Parade and the Curtin (1996) and Murdoch University (1995) O-day events.

- design skills and equipment
I am self-taught in all of the design industry's computer software packages - Pagemaker, Quark X-Press, Freehand, Photoshop and internet site design - and are proficient in both Apple Macintosh and PC systems.
I have an 'A' class drivers license.


Brad Scott
Station Manager
RTR FM 92.1 (Arts Radio Ltd)
+61 8 9380 3380

John Papachristos
Managing Director
Brainstorm AO Advertising
+61 8 9388 3080

29th July 1998

adam connors

Tertiary, vocational

- Broadcast radio presentation and production
- Communications Consultant
- Magazine Editor
- Freelance Journalist
- Project Coordinator
- Design/Layout/Typesetting
- Advertising Consultant

- University and TAFE lecturing and tutoring
- MC duties and events
- design skills and equipment




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