Motorola joins ST, Philips and TSMC’s 0.09-micron party in Crolles

Compiled from outside sources; Adam Connors, [Friday 12 April 2002]

The world’s number six semiconductor supplier, US-based Motorola, has joined the massive R&D effort in 0.09-micron development led by STMicroelectronics (ST), Philips and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in the Crolles, France plant of ST, contributing to a US$1.4 billion outlay over four years by the two European firms. TSMC will contribute technology but not funding to the venture.

In considering this partnership announcement, and as reported in DigiTimes on March 6, “As the cooperation between ST and TSMC deepens, the market is watching whether the relationship between ST and its long-time contract-manufacturing partner United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) will experience any change. According to sources, ST’s production orders in UMC have dropped from 10,000 wafers per month in 2001 to around 7,000 units in early March.”

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